What I Do

Massage Therapy

The benefits of massage therapy merely begin with liberating the body from muscular tension. Massage can also calm the nervous system, and has been proven to bring relief to people who suffer from anxiety and depression. Massage is, in fact, a wonderful way to discover one’s own mind/ body connection. Candice specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish and Sports Massage, as well as Trigger Point therapies.


Personal Training

Our society doesn’t tend to support us in the way of moving or functioning optimally. Our posture and movement has taken the biggest hit and can result in pain and(or) injury. My goal is to help you achieve the proper muscular length and strength relationship to help you function optimally. I’ll help you find and treat the cause of these postural and functional problems so we can fix the problem. That’s why I offer personal training at my office and online, for better posture and pain relief.
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